not quite paper

pulp is an architectural circular. Circular, because many of its readers are also its writers. It is a community of architects, and those who care about architecture, reckoning with their discipline on a weekly basis. 

pulp is digital, but on the way to paper. Through its content, we try to stitch our stories together and pursue the questions that haunt us. Then, once pencil hits paper, we are a little better prepared to leave the world a little better than we found it.

pulp is not a link sheet. There are links, but all of the content is original. It appears Friday mornings, before 7 00 am, EST. As each issue builds on themes addressed in past issues, it lives chronologically. There is no digital archive, so each issue lives in the inboxes of its subscribers, and those with whom they share it.

pulp is not free. It is important that our readers are sufficiently committed to pay a subscription, and that our writers are fairly compensated for their efforts.



some past issues:


pulp #21

Feature: New York Roundtable 

pulp #20

Feature: Interview with Robert AM Stern

Also: John Kleinschmidt on Houston

pulp #19

Feature: Interview with Peter Eisenman

pulp #18

Feature: Interview with Dorian Booth

pulp #17

Feature: San Francisco Roundtable

pulp #16

Feature: Los Angeles Roundtable

pulp #15

Feature: Interview with Kyle Picha

pulp #14

Feature: Interview with Boris Morin-Defoy

pulp #13

Feature: Interview with Elisa Iturbe

pulp #12

Feature: Interview with Justin Oh

pulp #11

Feature: Interview with Andrew Dadds

pulp #10 

Feature: picklebric (Making collective living happen)